What the Garmin GPS and also other Brands Have to Offer

12/02/2011 14:04

When you are looking for handhelds, the Garmin GPS is just about the best. There are several the latest models of offering different features and price ranges. There are also other brands to contemplate when you are doing your comparative shopping. The descriptions below could be a possibility make a decision.

Bushnell 3 Point

If you are looking for something inexpensive that can assist you find your way back to camp after the day hike, you might need to consider the Bushnell 3 point. Not much of a true mapping device, the point simply marks the location of your car or tent and keeps track of it as you emerge. The system can also be used to keep track of how far you may have hiked and has the ability to margin to three locations. It works as a digital compass, as well.


TomTom is really a true mapping system made to serve as a car navigation system that can be moved from one vehicle completely to another. It works like any onboard system. Some models could be activated by voice. Others require touchscreen technology input. All models are a wonderful choice for cars with no onboard navigation system.

Nike Sport Watch

The Nike Sport Watch is really a fun choice for people who don't need all of the options that come with a more advanced handheld GPS. Runners are particularly attracted to it because it tracks speed, pulse rate and calories burned, in addition to distance. It is also a functional watch.

Magellan Models

Magellan has a few different models designed for different outdoor enthusiasts. The Explorist model is smaller than average and lightweight, but powerful. It will come preloaded with maps of the US, Canada, Western Europe and Australia in order to see where you are and locate the route you want to take quickly. It is one of the systems that can also be used in a vehicle or installed on a handlebar, which gives the versatility you may need.

Garmin Oregon

If you desire the top of the line handheld GPS, you desire the Oregon. It can be more expensive, but hardly any other handheld has a great number of features. It even functions like a digital camera. Online retailers provide you with the best pricing for all those Garmin models and shipping is normally included in the price. If the Oregon is too much to suit your needs, there is the Dakota, which is suitable for hikers and the Venture for individuals on a budget.

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Whether you choose a Garmin GPS or another brand, you're sure to enjoy some added reassurance, because you will know your local area in relation to where you wish to be at all times.