Why Laughter is One of the Best Medicines For Stress

12/05/2011 01:23

Laughter is known to be very helpful to our own bodies and this is rather much so. It has been learned that two hours of painless sleep is included in patients of ankylosing spondylitis who will be exposed to ten minutes of comedy. They're very interesting statistics and they show clearly that laughter could really be indeed the best medicine. Before we even take a look at more statistics, how do you feel when you are laughing? the sensation is hard to describe only one thing is for sure, it's a pleasurable experience which enables us to attain great heights of happiness and joy. This is actually the perfect recipe to eliminate stress. If you are able to laugh the right path through situations, there is a ability to withstand anything making you immune against the side effects of stress.

Researchers have been receiving the front line to learn exactly what happens when laughter arises and how our lymph nodes are protected and made better by laughter. Two researchers from Loma Linda university in California, have published their study on how laughter affects our defense mechanisms. They are Dr. Lee Berk and Dr. Stanley Tan as well as their results and conclusions were the following. Laughing was found to cut back blood pressure, it was also found stress reliever hormones. This will make sure effects of stress available for you will be a thing of the past available for you. Laughter was also found to increase muscle flexion which ensure proper function of the muscles. Also with laughter, there was an increase in infection fighting T cells.

The discoveries were many and they will make you feel like laughing the whole day long and the problem is looking for a good joke. laughter helps in the production of the body's natural painkillers which have been called endorphins. Also there will be production of disease fighting antibodies. While you laugh you breath in more and this improves your respiration this also is especially recommended for patients struggling from respiratory diseases like emphysema. There are therefore more gains with regards to laughing and even prior to suffer from stress you ought to take it up and adhere to it and this is advise for everybody.

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Some people have a problem while finding jokes to laugh at. This is certainly totally not the case in fact it is an excuse that people make to warrant their stress. You will discover a joke that is funny to you and it might be boring to a different therefore, humor is usually a bit for individual taste but, you can find jokes that serve almost everyone and the first thing you have to do is to find some comedy programs which have been popular and get to have what they might be about. There's also live comedy demonstrates you can attend. You possibly can choose to go down memory lane and remember some of the things that made you crack. There isn't any doubt you will be smiling which is all that is required to evade stress.