Why You Should Buy a Singer Sewing Machine

12/04/2011 17:50

Singer sewing machines are amongst the leading brands in sewing equipment. Since 1851, when Issac Merritt Singer invented the very first practical-to-use sewing machine, the Singer name has been synonymous with sewing machines.

Why Buy Singer and never Any Other?

It is a brand that interests a wide range of users. They've been introducing various models since its entry into the market and each new model has been designed keeping in mind you requirements.

From the normal straight stitch machine to your zigzag stitch machine or perhaps the industrial machine, find that innovation has been the keyword on this brand. The spirit of practical design and constant innovation in developing products each and every level of sewing continues even today.

Singer has introduced an entire new type of state-of-art machines with models catering to every budget.

Singer machines happen to be built in such a way, likely stronger at the same time lighter providing double insulation.

They are really easy to use, whether it is principle model or the most sophisticated model such as top of the line electronic sew machines.

The top-of-the-line electronic machine has been designed to produce a limitless amount of number of patterns in stitching, creating monograms, making embroideries (they increase the look of the cloth being stitched!!) and even stitching sideways. Great don't you find it?

Singer Sewing Machine Models Have Revolutionized Stitching

If you are looking at basic, yet robust sew machines then Singer fashion maker series is the answer. It fits your everyday sewing needs. It's not just easy to use but also surprises you with any array of features that makes sewing very comfortable like:

Some built-in stitch patterns Some stitch functions Button hole &stitching Built-in motor Accessory storage in Extension table Adjustable stitch length Oscillating Shuttle Mechanism Beading and hemming Motifs and Appliques

Some models also sport:

4 Step Button Holer Button Fixing Built-in Light Attachment Built-in Thread Cutter

Let us have a quick glance for the progress in innovations made who has resulted in our experiencing and enjoying the current day new launches. Since 1990, when Singer 9900 Unlimited was introduced with all the largest microprocessor in sewing machines and offering time saving concept such as LED message center offering practical advice to your sewers, we can see a selection of innovation taking place. The roll-out of the Singer Quantum line featuring its excellent overlocking facility, the Singer Elegance line, The Embroidery Unlimited machine which made professional embroidery and monogramming simple and easy , The Singer QUANTUM XL-1000 - essentially the most advanced machine in home based sewing and embroidery, are making sewing an easy and pleasurable activity.

Some from the State-of-Art Features available in the more sophisticated models of Singer sewing machines are:

Multiple integrated stitch patterns Multiple stitch functions 4 step button holder Piccot and stretch stitch Auto Needle threader Variable needle position Adjustable stitch width and length Free Arm for circular stitching Snap-on Presser Feet Easy Pattern Selector with Dial Top Drop-in Bobbin /wind-in-place bobbin winding system Generation x of Professional sew-ware software

These features make Singer the strongest and user-friendly system that you can buy.

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Singer Company has now celebrated 160 numerous years of excellence in the manufacturing. Of course, years of experience and innumerable innovations to the products has made Singer sewing machines the best available in today's market.